About Us

Zena360 is a community website where our visitors get their daily news, listen to music, read articles, and participate in our forums. Our website is updated daily seven days a week sometimes multiple times a day. We provide a free platform for writers, artists, imtertanment,  individuals to connect with the thousands of our website visitors.

Zena360 Online was founded in November 19, 2018, to it has become one of the biggest, the most trusted and the fastest growing Ethiopian websites providing daily News, Articles, Political analysis, Music, and Forums.

We at zena360 Online stand for Justice, equality, prosperity, and unity of our people. We believe true unity comes from mutual respect and understanding, fair distribution of wealth, power and information. We all should try to assist our people to achieve these goals with peaceful and legal means.

If you want to contact me to ask any tips or any question regarding my website you can contact me through my contact us form.