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How To Prepare For A Run


Running is not for everyone, and sometimes it can be a real struggle. You want to make sure that you set yourself up in the right way so as to give yourself the best possible chance to keep running even when your head says no. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for a run.

Choose The Correct Gear To Wear

Like with any form of sport or exercise, there are different kinds of gear that you can wear when you run to help aid with comfort, endurance and even your health. Of course, you don’t need to stock up on large quantities of high-tech or expensive designer items to be able to run, but these examples are recommended to be considered as they are easy to come by, and generally found in most households.

Headgear – Depending on the time of year some form of hat or headband is recommended. If you are running in sunnier months then a sunhat will not only save your eyes from the glare of the sun, but it will also protect your head from getting burnt or even getting sunstroke. If you are running in the colder months, then wearing a hat will help keep the heat in. If you have longer hair and the weather is not too hot or too cold, then a simple hairband will ensure that hair will not get loose and get in the way during your run.

Clothes – Finding the best sports bras, running shorts, t-shirts or jumpers is down to personal preference as to what you prefer to run, and feel most comfortable in. However, the main criterion you should consider is that your clothes are lightweight and breathable.

Shoes – There are many types of running shoes available that have been designed to be not only lightweight and supportive but also breathable and durable. The shoes you choose to run in are an important decision to make, as incorrectly choosing your footwear can lower your performance and even cause injury or discomfort. So, make sure you find some suitable and well-fitting shoes to run in.

Accessories – When some people run it could be that they need to take items such as house keys, their phone, or water with them. In these cases, you don’t want to be holding onto a large inventory. That is where looking into running accessories comes in. There are many different items carrying accessories available, such as ones you can strap around your arm, small capacity lightweight body-hugging rucksacks, or even bum bags.

Energy And Hydration

Not only should you consider what you are putting on your body, but also what you are putting in your body before, during and after a run. You need to make sure that your body has enough energy and hydration before starting any form of exercise, but also be sure not to eat and drink too much too close to the start.

Eating – some great foods to eat prior to your run are things like bananas, fruit and yoghurt, or nuts. Anything light and full of energy. If you have something small to eat before you run, it is best to wait 30 minutes to 1 hour before you start. If you have had a large meal, then it would be better to wait for a few hours before going on your run.

Drinking – A few hours before you run make sure that you have a few glasses of water to fully hydrate yourself, and then again, a small drink 15-20 minutes before you run too. If you are planning on going on a long run then it is also fine to take a small bottle with you and sip at regular intervals when you require some. Just be sure not to drink too much in one go while you are running.

Warming Up And Down

Warming up and down are both important parts of preparing for a run, if you do not take the time to do either of these you can risk injury and a lot of easily avoidable pain and discomfort. Neither of these needs to take longer than a few minutes, and there are plenty of YouTube videos available to show you a routine that you can follow before and after your run. If you are not planning on a long and intense run, you could even use 5 minutes of fast-paced walking before and after your run as the warm-up and warm-down.

Next time that you plan on running, make sure that you prepare for your run correctly and follow these tips.

Govt plans to borrow Rs 8.88 lakh cr from market in HIFY24


The government is looking to raise Rs 8.88 lakh crore through borrowing in the first half (April-September) of 2023-24 to fund the revenue gap for pushing economic growth, the Finance Ministry said on Wednesday.

Out of the gross market borrowing of Rs 15.43 lakh crore estimated for FY24, Rs 8.88 lakh crore, or 57.5 per cent, is planned to be borrowed in the first half (H1), an official statement said. The borrowing is scheduled to be completed in 26 weekly tranches of Rs 31,000-Rs 39,000 crore. The borrowing will be spread under 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, 30 and 40-year securities, it said.

“The share of borrowing under different maturities will be: 3 year (6.31%), 5 year (11.71%), 7 year (10.25%), 10 year (20.50%), 14 year (17.57%), 30 year (16.10%) and 40 year (17.57%),” said government in a statement.

Indian government’s borrowing has more than doubled from 2019 levels, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi stormed to power for the second time in a row, as government’s social spending on free food and subsidies rose to record highs largely due to the pandemic.

The government plans to borrow Rs 4.16 lakh crore via treasury bills in the June quarter, the government said in the statement.

There will be no fresh issue of government green bonds in the first half of the financial year and these may be issued in the second half, it said.

The government said it will continue to exercise greenshoe option to retain an additional subscription of up to Rs 2,000 crore against each of the securities indicated in the auction notification.

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Dry Day in Delhi 2023 List: No sale of liquor on Ram Navami, Good Friday, Bakrid, and these other days – Check Full List


April Dry Day, Dry Day 2023: After observing a dry day on Ram Navami – March 30th – the month of April will see liquor vends in the capital shutting down on three days. As per a notification issued by the Excise Department of Delhi, tipplers in the capital will find wine shops closed on three dry days in the month of April. Tipplers in the capital will also find notices of “Dry Day” outside bars and pubs on these days. 

Dry Day in Delhi 2023: April Dry Days List

The three days when liquor shops will be shut in Delhi, are: 

April 4 (Tuesday):   Mahavir Jayanti
April 7 (Friday):       Good Friday
April 22 (Saturday): ld-ul Fitr


Dry Day in Delhi 2023: May Dry Days List


After the three dry days in the month of April, the month of May will see just one dry day, on:

May 5 (Thursday):  Buddha Purnima

Dry Day in Delhi 2023: June Dry Days List


After May, June will also the wine shops and liquor vends closing only on one day in the month:

June 29th (Friday): Id-ul-Zuha (Bakrid) 


Dry Days 2023: Other days when sale of liquor will be prohibited


July 3 (Monday): Guru Purnima

July 29 (Friday): Muharram

August 15 (Tuesday): Independence Day

September 6 (Wednesday): Janmashthami

September 19 (Wednesday): Ganesh Chaturthi

September 28 (Thursday): Anant Chaturdashi & Eid-e-Milad

October 2 (Monday): Gandhi Jayanti

October 24 (Tuesday): Dussehra

October 28 (Saturday): Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti

November 12 (Sunday): Diwali

November 23 (Thursday): Kartiki Ekadashi

November 27 (Monday): Guru Nanak Jayanti

December 25 (Monday): Christmas

Dry Day 2023 List: What does the govt order say?


As per the order issued by the Excise Commissioner’s Office, all liquor vends and wine shops have been ordered to keep shutters down on the abovementioned days, and also clearly display the next dry days in prominent places of their outlets. Also, the order states that the licensees of these liquor vends will not be entitled to any compensation on account of any changes effected in the list of dry days.

The order states: “In pursuance of the provisions of Rule 52 of Delhi Excise Rules, 2010, it is hereby ordered that the following dates shall be observed as “Dry Days” in the National Capital Territory of Delhi by all L-1, L1F, L-2, L-3, L-4, L-5, L-6, L-6FG, L-6FE, L-8, L-9, L-10, L-11, L-14, L-18, L-18F, L-23, L-23F, L-25, L-26, L-31, L-32, L-33, L-34, L-35, P-10A and P-11 licensees of the Excise department and opium vends located in Delhi.

The licensees shall not be entitled to any compensation on account of any changes effected in the above list. All the icensees shall exhibit this order at some conspicuous place of their licensed premises The business premises of a licensee shall be kept closed on dry day.

 Dry Day in Delhi 2023 dry day today dry day 2023 List

Dry Day 2023 List: What are dry days in India?


The sale of alcohol in any form — wine, country-made liquor, etc — is banned on the days specified by the government. The dry days generally fall on festivals, national holidays, and two days prior to elections and results declaration in poll-bound constituencies. Such dry days are imposed to maintain law and order and decorum during election campaigning and result dates.

Abs, Core, and Pelvic Floor: What You Need to Know to See Progress  


There is so much misinformation about abs, core, and the pelvic floor that people harbor many misconceptions about these areas. At the same time, the midsection is one of the most unloved parts of people’s bodies. People come to me all the time seeking ways to tone and slim down their midsection.

In today’s episode of The Balanced Life podcast, I’ll clear up common misconceptions about abs, core, and the pelvic floor, you’ll learn the muscle groups that make up your core, what to do to tone your midsection, and what you can do about pelvic floor issues like pain and incontinence. 

So many people have been waiting for an episode on this subject, so don’t hesitate to click play and share with a friend.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • How to increase strength in the midsection [3:32]
  • Understanding abdominal separation [7:22]
  • How to flatten your belly [14:35]
  • The pelvic floor [22:33]

Understanding Abdominal Separation

Diastasis recti is a common issue that women face. This common abdominal separation happens in pregnancy to allow the abdominal muscles to spread apart to provide room for the expanding belly. While the beauty of the human body’s design accommodates the making of a new life, the after effect often displeases moms. Since the connective tissue of the linea alba often has trouble reconnecting, it can create a forward pooch that is difficult to slim down. 

If you aren’t sure whether you have diastasis recti, check out my video on Instagram to see how you can check. It’s important to understand whether you have it or not since many common ab exercises like sit-ups can actually worsen the condition. Healing diastasis recti can be done on your own; however, some severe cases may require a physical therapist to help.

How to Increase Strength in the Midsection and Flatten Your Belly 

One of the most common questions I get is how do I flatten my belly? 

A strong core means working all of the muscles that connect to the pelvis. All core muscles are anchored by the pelvis, so to work the entire core it is important to not solely focus on the abdominal muscles.

If you are a member of Lindywell, you already know that in Pilates we don’t do sit-ups, yet we focus on core strength. Pilates work deepens your core muscle strength through slow, focused, precise movements. This deep, intentional work affects your entire body and even spills over into the rest of your life resulting in better posture and improved daily function.

It is important to remember that exercise alone won’t help to flatten your belly. Eating a healthy, balanced diet plays a major role. Check out our healthy, delicious, dietitian-created recipes in the app.

How to Work Through Pelvic Floor Issues

Many women suffer in silence about their pelvic floor issues. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles located within your pelvis that support your organs. Since a healthy muscle must be able to tighten and release it is important to steer clear of exercises that only focus on tightening the muscles. They must be able to release to function properly. 

Pilates is one of the best-kept secrets to pelvic floor health. Lindywell is loaded with workouts that build your core and your pelvic floor strength. Build strength and movement with our pelvic floor exercises. If you aren’t a member yet you can even check out one of my pelvic floor exercises on YouTube

Hopefully, you have learned a ton from this episode. If you have, please leave a 5-star review on your favorite podcast app. 

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Cisco to buy Israeli co Lightspin for $200m


In its most recent financing round in June 2021, the cloud security company had a valuation of $46 million, according to PitchBook.

US digital communications giant Cisco Systems (Nasdaq: CSCO) is set to announce that it is acquiring Israeli startup Lightspin for an estimated $200 million. Lightspin has developed a cloud security platform and competes with Israeli startups Wiz, Orca Security and Aqua Security. In its most recent financing round in June 2021, funds were raised at a company valuation of $46 million, according to PitchBook.

Lightspin was founded by CEO Vladi Sandler and CTO Or Azarzar. Others who will profit from the acquisition are Michael Dell’s venture capital fund Dell Technologies Capital represented in Israel by Yair Snir and Ibex Investors LLC led by Nicole Priel and Gal Gitter. 

This is Cisco’s first acquisition in Israel since 2021, when it acquired cloud security companies Epsagon and Sedona Networks. Over the past 20 years the US giant has made many acquisition in Israel in network switches and hardware and in recent years has expanded its acquisitions to cybersecurity and cloud security and expanded its Tel Aviv office. Cisco Israel recently 200 employees in Tel Aviv from previous acquisitions, including Leaba Semiconductor, CloudLock and Portshift to two floors in the new Midtown building.

Published by Globes, Israel business news – en.globes.co.il – on March 29, 2023.

© Copyright of Globes Publisher Itonut (1983) Ltd., 2023.

Lightspin founders credit: Lihi Binyamini

Lightspin founders credit: Lihi Binyamini

Nexii Achieves TRUE Gold Certified for Zero Waste


Article content

First Construction Manufacturing Company in North America to attain certification

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Article content

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (Unceded Territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations)
Green construction company, Nexii Building Solutions Inc. (Nexii) has achieved the TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) Gold Certification for Zero Waste for its Squamish Manufacturing Plant. This achievement makes Nexii the first construction manufacturing company in North America to receive this prestigious recognition.

Article content

Nexii’s Squamish Plant has demonstrated its commitment to waste reduction by implementing best practices for waste management at every stage of its manufacturing process. The company’s efforts have significantly reduced the amount of waste produced by the plant, with over 90 percent of waste diverted from landfills.

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Speaking to the achievement, Zosia Brown, VP of Sustainability of Nexii, said, “We’re extremely proud to have achieved the Zero Waste certification for our Squamish Manufacturing Plant. This recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. We’re honoured to be leading the way in the construction industry for zero waste and circular practices.”

The TRUE Certification for Zero Waste, administered by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), is a rigorous evaluation of a company’s waste reduction efforts, including the implementation of robust recycling and composting programs, reduction of materials used, and diversion of waste from landfills. Nexii retained the services of Vancouver-based sustainability consultant, Light House, to facilitate TRUE credit documentation and submission. Achieving the certification is a significant milestone for Nexii in its journey towards eliminating waste at every point of the construction value chain.

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“Businesses must go beyond our current wasteful practices and think critically about how to redesign processes so that less waste is produced in the first place,” notes Peter Templeton, President and CEO of U.S. Green Building Council and GBCI. “Implementing zero waste business practices requires rethinking, retraining, new tools and strong leadership to change current waste systems. With Nexii’s leadership in this endeavour, they are making great strides for their employees, community and consumers at large.”

With increased pressure on companies to reduce their carbon footprint and meet sustainability targets, the TRUE Certification for Zero Waste is a leading example of rigorous measurement and verification standards being applied towards demonstrating year-on-year performance. Nexii’s achievement showcases that sustainable construction is possible, and the company is leading the industry in delivering innovative circular products at scale.

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Nexii plans to share its knowledge and experiences, encouraging other construction companies to adopt sustainable practices, and achieve TRUE Certification for Zero Waste to help build a more vibrant future for people and the planet.

About Nexii

Nexii Building Solutions Inc. (Nexii) designs and manufactures low carbon buildings and products to address the climate impact of our built environment. With buildings and construction responsible for 36% of global energy consumption and 37% of greenhouse gas emissions annually, sustainable and scalable solutions are urgently needed for net zero buildings. With Nexii’s breakthrough material Nexiite, Nexii enables the rapid assembly of high-quality buildings and infrastructure with reduced end-to-end carbon emissions, near zero waste and less disruption to the community. Sustainability is core to Nexii’s mission to build a vibrant future for people and the planet.

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For more information, visit www.nexii.com, or connect with us on Instagram (@NexiiBuilds), Twitter (@NexiiBuilds) or on LinkedIn (Nexii Building Solutions).

About Light House

Light House works with government and industry to create regenerative built environments that nurture ecological and human health. Their team supports clients with environmental design, strategic visioning and planning, attaining certification under leading building and operations certification frameworks, and conducting emissions and embodied carbon calculations and analysis. Core to Light House’s mission, they drive circular innovation by providing policy advice, in-depth research and market assessments, stakeholder facilitation, and customized education programs.

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About Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI)                                                                
GBCI is the world’s leading sustainability and health certification and credentialing body. Established in 2008, GBCI exclusively administers project certifications and professional credentials and certificates within the framework of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating systems, as well as the PEER standard for power systems, the WELL Building Standard, the Sustainable SITES Initiative (SITES), EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies), TRUE Certification for Zero Waste and Investor Confidence Project (ICP) for energy efficiency retrofits. Visit gbci.org.

Yulu Public Relations

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/26081fe1-be14-473e-9b61-27c676963c46


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3 Cream Of Rice Benefits For Bodybuilding


If you want to become a bodybuilder or add some serious size and muscle mass to your frame, you’re going to need to eat more. Adding high-quality and calorically dense complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats to your diet will be key to get you to your goals. Cream of rice is one of the best and highly underrated forms of complex carbohydrates you can add to your diet, to build more mass and optimize body composition. 

Cream of rice is a granulated form of white rice, (rice flour) that can provide some variety and quality carbohydrates to your diet and help build more muscle. One packet of this sweet cream provides 70% of the daily value of iron your body needs in order to take on the day. When prepared with water, cream of rice is naturally fat-free, dairy-free, cholesterol-free, sodium-free, and gluten-free, making it an ideal food choice for bodybuilding. Did I mention it’s also Kosher. The texture and taste are similar to that of rice pudding or porridge, giving you a bit of indulgence as well in your bodybuilding diet.

Cream of rice contains 150 calories per serving, 33g of carbohydrates, 2g of protein, and 0g of fat, as well as fortified vitamins and minerals. 

  • Calories 150
  • Carbohydrates 33g
  • Protein 2g
  • Fat 0g
  • Calcium 330mg (25% DV)
  • Iron 12.1mg (70% DV)
  • Vitamin D 5mcg (25% DV)
  • Vitamin B1 Thiamin 0.3mg (15% DV)
  • Vitamin B2 Riboflavin 0.3mg (25% DV)
  • Vitamin B3 Niacin 4mg (25% DV)
  • Vitamin B6 0.4mg (25% DV)
  • Folate 95mcg (25% DV)
  • Potassium 30mg

Your body has certain nutritional requirements, in order to build more muscle. And as a bodybuilder, your requirements and demand for macronutrients, is much greater than the average person.

Protein and carbohydrates are crucial in the muscle building process – hypertrophy, body optimization, as well as muscle recovery. Bodybuilders will normally have a macronutrient breakdown that is high in protein, high in carbohydrates, and low in fat. Cream of rice has an ideal macronutrient profile for bodybuilders, considering that it’s stacked with carbohydrates, low fat, and it’s sodium free.

What’s great about cream of rice, is that you get a robust amount of carbohydrates, and you can add your whey protein isolate to the mix and get a healthy ratio of protein to carbohydrates in one fast digesting meal. Because you need carbohydrates and protein post workout for glycogen replenishment and muscle protein synthesis, protein and cream of rice, makes for the ideal post workout meal to build more muscle mass and for recovery. 

Carbohydrates provide fuel for your body in the form of glucose for energy. Cream of rice has a medium rating on the glycemic index and is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates to increase energy levels, providing for better muscular endurance, and increased workout volume. 

Several studies have shown that the combination of carbohydrates and protein can be extremely beneficial to bodybuilders, considering the amount of workout volume, as well as the workout intensity required during training, to replenish glycogen [R].

Optimizing your body composition, requires you to feed your body, for the work it’s putting out. That means, you need to eat – carbs especially. Complex carbohydrates will help improve satiety, energy, and provide the ideal macronutrient ratio for your bodybuilding goals.

Bodybuilding requires more volume. More volume of food, training, supplements, and overall work. Your body requires carbohydrates for energy, and without them, you will have a very difficult time, building the body aesthetic you want or achieving your goals. Cream of rice, is one of the best bodybuilding foods, to help you build more mass and stack on more gains. 

Need Help With Optimizing Your Diet, Nutrition, And Training Plan To Finally Get The Results You’ve Been Waiting For?

The Swole Kitchen provides 1:1 nutrition coaching, macro coaching, and custom meal plans to help guide you to becoming the best version of yourself. We teach you how to enjoy the foods you love in the right amounts, so you can fit into your favorite pair of jeans, hit your health and fitness goals, and be healthy and happy. We guide you through making sound nutritional decisions and teach you along the way, so you can learn how to take control of your health, and discover what if feels like to live again.

We believe that everyone can optimize not only their athletic performance but their human potential. The way we believe we can optimize performance is through transparency, clinically effective doses, and clinically proven ingredients with evidence-based outcomes. We provide the nutrients you need to power your active lifestyle.

Crypto fugitive Do Kwon held in Montenegro quarantine


Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon, wanted by the US over a cryptocurrency fraud that wiped out at least $40 billion in market value, is being held in standard medical quarantine in Montenegro, a local prison official said.

Kwon will remain there to rule out coronavirus infection through April 3, and can be visited only by his lawyer or doctor, Rade Vojvodic, the head of Montenegro correctional facilities, said in an interview on Tuesday.

The 31-year-old, also wanted in South Korea, is in good health and hasn’t made any special requests, he said. The facility is located in Spuz, a small town just north of the capital Podgorica.

Kwon and the company’s chief financial officer, Han Chang-joon, were arrested Thursday in Podgorica as they tried to fly to Dubai using falsified travel documents, according to Montenegro’s Interior Ministry. His lawyer denied the allegations.

The collapse of Singapomre-based Terraform’s TerraUSD stablecoin shook the crypto world last spring. Meant to keep a constant value of $1 via a complex mix of algorithms and trader incentives involving its free-floating sister token Luna, Terra was designed as a refuge from the volatility of other cryptocurrencies. But both Luna and Terra unraveled when confidence in Kwon’s project evaporated during a few chaotic days in early May.

Kwon’s whereabouts were the source of constant speculation since September, when South Korean authorities issued a warrant for his arrest on allegations including breaches of capital-markets law.

The two are now under investigative detention that lasts up to 30 days. As they were apprehended in possession of several passports under different names, such detention was ordered “to formally assess their identity,” Vojvodic said. The two men were also found with Belgian and South Korean travel documents, according to Montenegrin authorities. The Belgian papers were falsified, according to Interpol.

US federal prosecutors and South Korea have both said they intend to seek Kwon’s extradition to face criminal charges. Authorities in Montenegro said that have not yet received any extradition request.

© 2023 Bloomberg

Corporate intelligence company Hakluyt sets up fund to help tech start-ups


A London-based corporate intelligence specialist set up by former spies has launched an investment fund to support high-growth companies with the knowledge that it gathers from its network of contacts.

Hakluyt has set up a growth fund focusing on Silicon Valley start-ups as it seeks to provide strategic advice to a sector it feels is under-served by traditional consultancy businesses.

The Hakluyt Capital fund is close to finalising a fundraising of £50 million that it will invest in up to 25 firms seeking early funds and strategic advice on regulatory and political issues.

Hakluyt was founded in 1995 by former MI6 officers and is known for providing FTSE 100 companies and other clients with insights gathered from a network of senior contacts. Sir Oliver Robbins, formerly the UK’s lead Brexit negotiator, has joined as the head of corporate coverage for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the company’s advisory board counts Sir Douglas Flint, former HSBC chairman, and Niall FitzGerald, former Unilever chief executive, as members.

Varun Chandra, 38, Hakluyt’s managing partner, said he had been looking to access the “most exciting club in the world” after setting up a San Francisco office in December 2020, but he said fast-growth companies would not generally pay for consultancy advice and he needed to find a different way to build a relationship with founders.

He said: “We have an interesting client base, but they tend to be at the bigger end … It’s incredibly exciting to work with the most inspirational founders, building the most promising companies.”

Hakluyt’s accounts, to be filed at Companies House this week, will show that group revenue increased by 23 per cent to £104 million in the year ending June 30, 2022, with operating profit up by 28 per cent to £27.5 million. Chandra expects the company to keep growing in the year ahead but perhaps not at the same pace.

He added that Hakluyt Capital should benefit from the recent downturn in technology valuations, saying: “It is clear there has been a correction … across the board and all we can really do is speak to the very smartest people in the world … [It] feels like quite a good time to invest.”

6 ways training can improve your mood


If you want to feel happier and less anxious, science shows that walking, running, lifting weights or any form of physical activity can help.

Exercise and mood are strongly linked. The research is clear – the more you sit, the sadder you are. [1]

Regular exercise is a must for your physical health, but you may have overlooked the added benefits to your mental health too.

You may dread the thought of working out, but after the deed is done, you know you always feel 100 times better.

Here are 6 ways exercise can improve your mood and leave you feeling happier and healthier:

1. Exercise can increase your feel-good hormones

When you exercise, your body releases chemicals known as endorphins that positively impact your mood and overall sense of well-being.[2]

The release of endorphins can reduce your perception of pain and give you the euphoric ‘runner’s high.’[3]

Learn how Andy overcame chronic anxiety losing 27kg with a personal training program at Ultimate Performance.

2. Exercise can improve your mental health

Experts predict that just 60 minutes of exercise a week could cure 12% of all cases of depression and is as effective as the current medical treatments for mild-to-moderate depression.[4] Resistance training is especially beneficial for improving your mental health and anxiety.[5]

Learn how Matt’s 28kg transformation helped him overcome deep depression after years of drug abuse.

3. Exercise can enhance your resilience to stress

Not only does lifting weights improve your mood, but staying active improves your ability to handle stress. It is not possible to eradicate stress altogether, but you can boost your resilience to life’s ups and downs. [6][7]

Weight loss and fitness for stress management

Learn how business leader Linda’s 26kg weight loss helped her better manage work stress and improve her health.

4. Exercise can make your immune system stronger

It seems obvious that you will not feel on top of the world when you are sick, and stress will only compound the problem and can have a negative effect on your immune system. Chronic stress can disrupt the delicate balance of your gut microbiome, which can increase the risk of both minor and chronic diseases.[8]

Fitness for better immune system

After years plagued with colds, flu and ill-health, Suang says his transformation has made his immune health stronger than ever. 

5. Exercise can increase your self-confidence

When you look good, you feel good, which significantly impacts your self-esteem.

Whether it is fitting into your new clothes, the glow of healthy skin, or you just want to feel fantastic naked. Exercise can give you that much-needed feeling of self-accomplishment and confidence in your body image.[9]

Female weight loss before and after

Zrinka’s amazing 53kg weight loss gives her back confidence after years and struggling with weight gain that left her feeling depressed and ‘worthless’.

6. Exercise can help improve your sleep quality

Do not underestimate the importance of sleep when it comes to positive mental health. Statistics show people are over a third more likely to experience depression when they sleep fewer than six hours per night. [10]

Fitness and exercise for insomnia

Dee’s transformation helps her overcome 20 years of chronic insomnia and feel back to her confident best at work.

The plus side is that regular exercise is associated with improved sleep.11 Alongside this, if you get out and about in natural light, it will significantly improve your body’s natural circadian rhythm.

Building long-lasting positive habits

With all this in mind, the key to staying consistent with your workout regimen is to find something that fits your lifestyle and that you enjoy.

Aside from planned workout sessions, increasing your daily activity will also have added benefits for your mental health.

Here are 6 easy ways to increase your physical activity throughout the day:

  1. Walk with family and friends
  2. Go for a bike ride
  3. Take the stairs instead of the lift
  4. Park further away from your destination or
  5. Get off public transport a couple of stops earlier
  6. Start an active hobby such as golf, dancing, or a martial art

Being in poor physical condition doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t happy. Increasing your physical fitness can undoubtedly improve your ability to handle stress and encourage a happier, healthier mindset.

If you want to boost your self-confidence and your health. Enquire with Ultimate Performance today to discover how we can help you.


[1] i Zhai, L., Zhang, Y., & Zhang, D. (2015). Sedentary behaviour and the risk of depression: a meta-analysis. British journal of sports medicine, 49(11), 705-709.

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